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We have worked very hard to turn, and keep, this home into a very clean and pretty space for all our guests to enjoy, and the guests that will follow you.

We do except pets, BUT, with EXTREME VETTING. Please take the next paragraph very seriously, because, we do.

If your pet - gets  on the furniture, the beds, or chews, or suffers separation anxiety by barking all day, or routinely " messes" on the floor. LEAVE THEM HOME.  Do not bring them. You will relinquish your pet deposit and possibly your damage deposit.

We love our dogs, they are our family members, but, THIS home and THIS furniture and OUR bedding is for     human use only

Trust me when I say our Cleaning personnel know if an animal has been on the furniture or bed, and they will inform us.

Please keep them home if you cannot control these issues. It will  save a lot of heartache later on for all concerned.

Thank You

P.S. We are not absentee owners, we live in the house next door.

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